Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Procrastination is a term familiar to everyone, and I think approximately every person has experienced it. Due to Procrastination people delay their work and ultimately their success rate decreases. A procrastinator mind is actually a mind who fears from challenges, his mind searches for easiness, and enjoyment. He just postponed their task, because they want to utilize it in other enjoyment activities. Sadly, I want to mention myself also at the First Rank Procrastinator. Really I am a person who mostly postpone their tasks, just because i told myself that ‘‘ A Lot of time still remains.’’ But as the deadline came to me a panic monster attacked me and then i just did my work in hustle and bustle. I think you all also have the same type of issues. If yes, You are a Procrastinator. But stop, you can avoid it. How, by using a very interesting technique or you can say a trick, that is Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro. I know most of you didn’t know about it, I was also not aware of it, but thankfully Amal has introduced me with this technique.

Now the next question arises, what’s meant by Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro? Most of you think that, how we can eat a frog? And what is Pomodoro? Relax, Firstly, Here frog is described as distraction, that usually distracts us from doing our work. And the Pomodoro is an Italian word used for ‘‘Tomato’’.


The secret of effective time management is actually thinking in tomatoes, not in hours, here the tomato is used as a focused work session. It’s mostly very difficult for everyone to work for hour and hour but in Pomodoro techniques, there are certain focused work sessions, we just spend less time and attain more productivity.

When I hear about this technique, I think maybe it works but I’m not sure about this, but really I use this technique and it’s really very helpful for me. I yesterday I had to submit an assignment for my university at 8pm and really I have not even written a single word. It was 9am and I thought that I couldn’t do it and if I did it would not be quality work. At that stage this technique comes into mind.

Here I follow these four steps, I give 25 minutes to each step and after each step a 5 minute break.

The Pomodoro Technique
My task completion by Pomodoro Technique

I just pick this task, then turn off all the distractions around me, like mobile phones, then I do a 25 minute focused work, after 25 minutes I take a 5 minute break and then repeat it for four times. What’s the results? I did my assignment, and also a quality work. It was really helpful for me, because when you turn off all the distractions and sit at a particular place and then do focused work, the result is obviously quality work. In the first phase I feel some distraction like mobile phones. But after the second and third rounds I simply did this easily. This technique was effective for me. I will use this technique in the future also.