Taking Flight 🕊

Amal Family

Sometimes it’s very important to talk, to speak to say something, when everyone around you is busy, and fully exhausted by his daily routine. In the past people were very close to each other, just because of that, they prefer to talk with each other, they give time to each other.

We as a human being always want a shoulder to cry on, and someone that should be present for us at any time. When we were children we simply told our innocent stories to our mother, but gradually, we became mature and now we didn’t want to share anything with anyone, even with our mother, sister, or brother. But sometimes it is essential to talk just to connect with each other. In this talk, you don’t need to expose your secrets, you just hear and tell different stories and just try to uplift each other.

The last session of Amal tells us the importance of connection. In the last session we not talked about our work-related thing, we just talk about our own feeling, what we think about an issue. we did different fun group activities that not only uplift us but also help us to understand others. The last session, give us lessons, such as in Amal we learn that never ever judge anyone on the basis of how they talk and what they wear. We should promote mutual understanding, and respect with each other if we are trying to make humor in every sense, so that the person may feel comfortable. Your humor should not contain disrespect for anyone.

Throughout Amal, with work-related activities there are some other DIY activities/Energizers that were not related to our work, these activities were actually only for uplifting. In our batch, a very beautiful relationship has been developed. Now we planning to keep in touch in the future by arranging some physical meetups, movie club meetings, and WhatsApp group chats, in order to maintain the relationship with each other.

Amal learning is exceptional, Every session, every weekend, every PW allows us to, learn new things. Amal’s principle Kam Kam Kam, Aik Aur Gyarh, Khudi really helped me in my daily life. Amal’s value really inspires me, I think every student should adopt these values. Amal give me confidence, Amal allows me to self realize, it is Amal that told me about the concept of a growth mindset. Now I daily work on myself and feel comfortable learning new things. Amal help me in securing my career, by professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. I have learned many things from Amal and I will definitely work on myself and improve myself in a better way. Now I can easily talk with strangers in a very respectful way, just considering my values. Amal has made me a very good observer, and problem solver.

Thank you so much Amal for everything:)




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Ambar Ameen

Ambar Ameen

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